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Virtualization is a software technology that lets you simulate and run multiple, virtual copies of physical hardware (HW) on a single hardware unit. You no longer run on a one-to-one basis — one physical HW device with one software (SW) operating system (OS). You partition and allocate one physical machine’s resources to run several virtual servers. Every virtual machine is a discreet machine.

No standard description or definition exists for smaller company or SMB. Think of Budget Virtual as a place to share simple, clever recipes that can adapt and mold to suit any sized organization.


While large organizations have budgets that support vast hardware and software infrastructures, plus armies of engineers and managers who make the IT structure function, smaller companies just don’t have those resources. Budget Virtual is all about making do, while not doing without. Through virtualization, SMBs’ IT staffs can monitor and manage their IT systems and even sleep peacefully at night without breaking their budgets.

SMBs can do many things to gain large-company benefits without the associated costs. They can build high-end systems of servers and storage for surprisingly low cost. They can manage with low-cost or no-cost tools and use off-the-shelf (their own shelves) hardware. Best of all, VMware makes large-enterprise, virtualization tools available to small organizations at no cost.

Budget Virtual’s purpose is to develop virtualization strategies for small- and medium-sized organizations and coach their IT personnel in hands-on, in-house sessions. We explore what others are doing and share what we find successful for SMBs.


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